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Poker hands

The hierarchy

  • A Royal Flush is the top five cards…A, K, Q, J, ten…of one particular suit: all hearts, all spades, etc.
  • A Straight Flush is five consecutive cards of the same suit…5 clubs, 6 clubs, 7 clubs, 8 clubs, 9 clubs.
  • Four of a kind is four cards of the same rank…4 queens, 4 sevens, 4 deuces, etc. Of course, the higher the rank, the better.
  • A full house is two of one rank, and 3 of another rank. AAA77 is said to be Aces over sevens. The three carded rank gets first priority. So if a player has KKK44, and another player has 555AA, the player with the kings wins.
  • A flush is five cards, all of the same suit.
  • A straight is five cards in consecutive order.
  • Three of a kind is just as it sounds, 3 cards of the same rank.
  • Two pair is made up of two cards of one rank, and two cards of another rank: AA33, 8822.
  • One pair two cards of same rank.
  • High card.
In all cases, winning hands are based on the highest card. If two players have the same hand-for instance, both have a straight-then the highest card determines the winner.