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Show me the Money

There are a different number of rounds depending on which poker game is being played. Cards are always dealt clockwise, and the position to the dealer is crucial in determining whether to bet and how much. The player has a choice of:

  • Check-A player can check and stay in the game without betting until another player bets. At that time the player who checked must bet or fold.
  • Bet-A player puts in an amount of chips depending on how strong he feels his hand is, compared to the other players.
  • Call-A player matches the bet of a previous player.
  • Raise-If a player feels his hand his strongest, he might want to bet more than the previous player’s bet.
  • Fold-If a player’s hand is no good, he throws his cards in and waits for the next hand.

After all cards are out, and all betting is completed the player with the best hand, OR the player who was able to bluff at having the best hand, wins the pot.